Navigating the path of recovery from addiction is a commendable feat. However, ensuring that one remains on this path can be equally challenging. That’s where Relapse Prevention South Africa steps in. Our primary aim is to arm individuals with actionable strategies, resources, and a supportive community that can assist in avoiding potential relapses. By providing pragmatic tools, insightful articles, and direct access to support networks, we work diligently to ensure that each individual has a robust defence against the challenges that might derail their progress.

Guiding our mission at Relapse Prevention South Africa is Annelize Roussouw. As a certified relapse prevention specialist, Annelize has committed herself to the noble cause of helping individuals stay steadfast on their path to recovery. With a keen understanding of the triggers and pitfalls that individuals might face post-recovery, she emphasizes proactive strategies that are both practical and effective.

Drawing from her extensive experience in the field, Annelize offers insights and guidance tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Her holistic approach doesn’t just stop at relapse prevention techniques; she truly believes in the power of personal well-being as a cornerstone for sustained recovery. Reflecting this, she indulges in gardening – a testament to her belief in growth and rejuvenation. Additionally, her practice of mindfulness meditation equips her with the calm and focus necessary to support those she assists.

At Relapse Prevention South Africa, our goal is straightforward: to stand beside you, ensuring your hard-won sobriety remains unshaken. Lean on our expertise and resources as you fortify your commitment to a life free from addiction.