What we are about

Relapse prevention is a voluntary organisation of addicts and alcoholics that have been through the harrowing experience of substance abuse, addiction and ongoing relapse.

We saw the collective need to provide first hand unbiased advice to individuals and families of addicts and alcoholics and took action.

Our aim is to offer direction that enables individuals to permanently break free from addiction and to lead a life in recovery, free from the torments of abuse.

Professional volunteers operate advisories and group meetings are channeled through the membership on this website.

As members of Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous we hold many collective viewpoints formed from the basis of first hand experience, and the experiences of many who have gone through addiction and have seen the other side.

Get clean / sober and help others get through the process.

While we follow the principals of the 12 step programs and fellowships in online meetings and are open to modern fact based methods and strategies in the pursuit of sustained recovery.

These topics are introduced in online meetings, as content in our blog and in forum discussions on this website.

We follow the whatever works principal.

We have no religious affiliations or bias and we do not condone or condemn any association, service or consultancy that is in or not in our network. We act merely as a reinforcing guide and a channel to recovery.

We operate autonomously in the spirit of the fellowships and do not charge for services rendered under Relapse Prevention.

Relapse Prevention is not part of any particular association, group, government or governing body or addiction treatment facility. Our focus is exclusively on the addicts and alcoholics and families of those affected, wherever they may be.

Is this for you?

The motivation for joining this site varies from person to person. Either you are wanting to better understand your addiction or the addiction of an individual close to you. If that is the case yes. The cycle of recovery is a different for each person and that is why we have designed a system for asking questions and finding community answers and for forming an addiction path into something that suits you in a non-confrontational format.

We are not interested in interventions we are interested in you and want you to sign up with a community of like minded individuals that are here to help.