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More About Relapse Prevention
Our service is non-profit and completely independent of all associations that would or could skew the validity of our advice. This service is intended to be an unbiased and impartial process, built for the benefit of the many communities that we serve in breaking free from the chains of addiction. All memberships : regardless of their commercial or individual nature are maintained at the discretion of our volunteer community.

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Commercial Registered Recovery Centres
Understanding that the needs of people with substance use disorders differs from case to case, Relapse Preventions recognises the value of professional support services at the coalface of recovery and prevention.

If you operate a recovery centre or addiction recovery service we would like to encourage you to join the relapse prevention network.

Membership is free and non-committal in any format. Your participation in the process of recovery and ongoing relapse prevention can prove invaluable on an advisory basis and this is a platform designed to encapsulate and share your professional insights, which we encourage you to do.

We would request however that you do NOT use our platform as a means by which to solicit patients and/or undertake the task of referrals or marketing to your centre.

Based only on services you provide being a suitable match for the patients need would we undertake recommendations on your behalf. Any contraventions to this may result in the exclusion from our community.

Relapse prevention evaluates addiction recovery services in our network based on many factors. These factors may include independently audited success rates, proximity of primary, secondary and after care facilities, dual diagnosis process, psychiatric treatment services, medical assistance, budgetary, exclusivity and above all the community feedback of recovered patients, and participation in our fourms.

Individuals in Recovery and Forum Members
As a member of the recovery community working in the 12 step you too are invited to join our independent panels and become part of the solutions we provide to suffering addicts and alcoholics. There are many circumstances whereby we require feedback from individuals in the community to help patients onto valuable pathways to recovery. This feedback can only come from individuals that have tried and failed or tried and succeeded and the sum-total of our experience.
Patient or family contact details are not stored on this website or by our service nor are the particulars of any case published with any form of personally identifiable information.

We wholly respect anonymity of our community and only request the minimal amount of information required to activate and manage your account, should you wish to participate in the forum.

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Rates / Fees / Charges
We get this question a lot. For the most part our site is free to all audiences. There are times however when we we may be asked to help raise funds for projects or expenses and this will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Thus far this site has been constructed, managed and operated by donations from private individuals, family groups and recovery clinics that give back to the community.

To this point has been a completely voluntary process, our time /efforts and services are donated along the same lines as AA, NA fellowships.

In the future any specific membership rates may be based on audited operational cost requirements basis and not on referrals or any specific alliances.