Secondary Addiction Treatment Clinics in South Africa

Secondary recovery centres focus on slightly less intensive and more progressive longer term recovery strategies and are structured around the process of rebuilding the person and not the addict.

Patients in secondary care have in many cases been through inpatient detox and have begun learning the coping and relapse prevention skills that will support them in their long term journey to recovery.

However secondary care does not necessarily only address “rock bottom patients” that are rebuilding their lives. Many patients that seek secondary care are those that have a “bit of a problem” and or people that are “on the edge” of having a problem and simply need the guidance and the tools to manage their day to day lives.

Secondary care clinics/centers and services ultimately reinforce the skills required for recovery over a far longer period than would traditionally be feasible in a primary care facility. This extended exposure and life skills geared programme enables people to operate their day to day lives and remain in a constructive system over a long period of time, which is universally the key to a sustained recovery.

Secondary care is often deemed “the professional” programme in that it is attended by many working professionals seeking deeper advice than what is furnished in 12 step groups.

Secondary treatment consultation services are offered by Recovery Direct that operates a sober living work and employment reintegration and life skills program. This programme enables individuals to establish the structure in their lives that allows them to come back into being productive members of society armed with the tools that prevent further relapses.

The Programme entails a life skills course offered online and in free online meetings hosted by Vaughan Pankhurst. Vaughan is also often the first point of contact on the recovery line and has helped thousands of families from the first step through the recovery and long-term healing.

You can read more about the recovery direct Programme on their website here.

Vaughan was a lifelong alcoholic from his early teens and was forced into recovery on the prognosis of a doctor who gave him six months to live in his present condition at the time. Vaughan’s journey started from rock bottom and finally landed him on the life-long quest to serve the community that ultimately gave him his life back.

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