Family Group is primarily for individuals in families of a person with a substance addiction problem. When you join the family groups, you are no longer alone but among people who understand your problem first hand.

Family groups will respect your anonymity.

Our Programme is not a religious Programme but a spiritual way of life, based on the AA/NA twelve steps. We have seen that these steps help to address the may drug and alcohol-related issues that affect families and loved ones.

Have an open mind and go to as many meetings as possible. Ask questions and discuss problems together after the meeting. You’ll soon make new friends and feel a great community with the group.

When we understand that addiction is a disorder and realize that we are powerless over it, as well as to other people’s lives – when we prepared to do something useful and constructive with our own lives. When – and only then – can we be of help to others.

Nar-anon South Africa

Nar-anon is the free 12 step family support group aimed at friends and families of addicts.

The Nar-Anon Family Groups is primarily for those who know or have known a feeling of desperation concerning the addiction problem of someone very near to you. We have traveled that unhappy road too, and found the answer with serenity and peace of mind.

When you come into the family group, you are no longer alone, but among true friends who understand your problem as few others could. We respect your confidence and anonymity as we know you will respect ours. We hope to give you the assurance that no situation is too difficult and no unhappiness is too great to be overcome.

The Traditions of Nar-anon

  1. To fulfil our fellowship’s primary purpose, the Nar-Anon Family Groups have joined together to create a structure that develops, coordinates, and maintains services on behalf of Nar-Anon as a whole.
  2. The final responsibility and authority for Nar-Anon services rests with the Nar-Anon Family Groups.
  3. The Nar-Anon Family Groups delegate to the service structure the authority necessary to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to it.
  4. Effective leadership is highly valued in Nar-Anon. Leadership qualities should be carefully considered when selecting trusted servants.
  5. For each responsibility assigned to the service structure, a single point of decision and accountability should be clearly defined.
  6. Group conscience is the spiritual means by which we invite a loving Higher Power to influence our decisions.
  7. All members of a service body bear substantial responsibility for that body’s decisions and should be allowed to fully participate in its decision-making processes.
  8. Regular, two-way communications are essential to the fulfilment of all these concepts and the integrity and effectiveness of our services themselves.
  9. All elements of our service structure have the responsibility to carefully consider all viewpoints in their decision-making processes.
  10. Any member of a service body can petition that body for the redress of a personal grievance, without fear of reprisal.
  11. Nar-Anon funds are used to further our primary purpose to carry the message, and must be managed responsibly.
  12. In keeping with the spiritual nature of Nar-Anon, our structure should always be one of service, never of governance.

Visit the official Nar-Anon South Africa here.

Al-Anon South Africa

At Al‑Anon Family Group meetings, the friends and family members of problem drinkers share their experiences and learn how to apply the principles of the Al‑Anon Programme to their individual situations. Younger family members and friends attend Alateen meetings.

They learn that they are not alone in the problems they face, and that they have choices that lead to greater peace of mind, whether the drinker continues to drink or not.

Visit the official Al-Anon South Africa here.