Comprehensive list of drug rehabilitation centres in South Africa.

One of the fundamental principals of recovery is having ready access to addiction recovery resources and services.

This means treatment services that are located close to those that are suffering play a vital role in the long term rehabilitation of individuals as they are able to access professional services at the point of where they most need advice.

Our list contains both government rehabilitation centres and private clinic services. So if you are looking for medical aid rated, or affordable private care rehab centers or free addiction facilities we have the full range and advice services available on this website.

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Relapse prevention provides immediate access to our network of free rehabilitation centres, recovery professionals and services based in locations closest to you.

Primary provinces for addiction recovery centres in South Africa in the Relapse Prevention network currently only service Gauteng Province and the Western Cape region however we are currently working to include KwaZulu Natal and in the near future the other Provinces of South Africa.