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Finding the best rehab in South Africa is a highly individualised process. Each person has a unique set of circumstances which is why finding unbiased advice and guidance is so important. Many individuals refuse or deny that they need help even when it is so apparent to everyone else. Which is why it is so important that an expert counsellor works with the individual to find a treatment process that is designed around them.

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With COVID-19 We Went Online

With the advent of COVID-19 we needed to asses how we could better manage our care community. This led to the formulation of what is potentially one of the most advanced outpatient programmes in existence. You are able to speak to experienced therapists online using, zoom, skype or whatsapp video sessions. Book a session online with one of our experienced therapists from anywhere in the world and give focused therapy a try.

Therapy online now adds a whole new dimension to addiction treatment where many of the traditional barriers to treatment have been mitigated. Calls or video sessions are held in private with absolute discretion allowing the counselling relationship to maintain the anonymity which is often so sought after in addiction recovery cases.