Addiction Recovery centres are not just made up of medical professionals. Generally, these facilities will employ people of different background to assist with addiction treatment and while some of these may be medically trained doctors or nurses, there are also drug counsellors on the team who can ensure that the patient is taken care of during their stay.

An addiction counsellor has a very special role to play in the rehabilitation of someone with a drug addiction as they are helping that person beat their addiction and change their behaviour over the long term.

For those who are unfamiliar with the work that a drug counsellor does, it basically boils down to shadowing a patient and ensuring that from the moment they check in until they are ready to leave, they have full support in their journey to sobriety.

A rehab counsellor is often also responsible for group therapy sessions in which they become a moderator of sorts. They have to try and facilitate a session where everyone gets a chance to speak, where no one dominates and where those who normally would not speak up can feel safe enough to do so. They are also involved in family counseling for addicts and will provide a safe space in which the families of addicts can talk and reconcile after an addiction has been identified.

One of the primary jobs of a addiction recovery counsellor is to be a constant presence in the life of someone who is in treatment. They need to be the person who is available, who has the right advice and who can help. This is no small burden for anyone to bear, but for a patient, having access to someone like this could be the key to healing and getting over their addiction.

In a substance use disorder rehab centre, patients are usually assigned to a substance abuse counsellor who will help them in the long term and with the assistance of people such as those, addicts can really start healing their minds and their bodies and start the process of being able to reintegrating back into society and their day to day lives.

Ultimately counsellors work, plays a vital role in patients recovery which is why it is so important to find the right counsellors from the outset.

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