Many drug rehabs treat patients based on the 12-step model of recovery. A treatment model that originated in Minnesota in the 30s and now is practiced worldwide. The philosophy is simply that an alcoholic / addict helping another for himself to stay sober / clean.

The model is practiced by an accurate and thorough system of lectures, exercises and group therapy and guidance in the therapy made by the 12-step therapists. Most inpatient rehabs work around the clock and are open 365 days a year.

Minnesota therapy as a treatment model comes from the US, shortly after the second world war which saw new avenues in the treatment of alcohol abuse and dependence.

The first centres that treated alcoholics were based in the state of Minnesota in the US – therefore is was named the “Minnesota model”. In the US and most other places in the world began calling the model the “12-step treatment” model or the “12-step program”.

Soon after the alcohol treatment program was adopted iterations of 12 step programs branched out to treating any number of addiction disorders including drug addictions and process disorders.

The overall goal of the treatment focuses on living in complete abstinence of the substance, adjusting the patient on new physically and mentally progressive routines, to ultimately lead a better life.

12 steps help people to recover and maintain a new structure of daily life. Everyday life at planned on a schedule with manageable, regular and positive routines.

We help you to shift your thoughts away from your addiction and get them to circles about other things. For example. be by focusing on household chores to a much more concentrated way than you have ever been used to.

Treatment process is simplified as follows:

Primary Treatment
Family Treatment

For some patients are also Criminal Lifestyle Programme, a structured Programme to break the criminal cycle.