3.1 Standard: Prevention (outreach, awareness programmes)

3.1.1 Standard statement

Patients/Clients and their families receive services and/or have access to resources that maximize existing strengths and develop new capacities that will promote resilience and increase their ability to benefit from developmental opportunities.

3.1.2 Outcome

Target groups are prevented from becoming chemically dependent.

3.1.3 Programme practice

As a first priority, service providers demonstrate that measures are taken within communities and families that

  • strengthen vulnerable families and young people and develop resilience;
  • are early warning mechanisms and processes for young people and families at risk, and which can immediately link them to resources;
  • promote prevention programmes aimed at reducing and preventing the harmful effects of the use of alcohol and other drugs.

3.1.4 Management actions

  • Service providers are given policies and procedures to ensure that measures are taken to attend the above under programme practice.
  • Service providers receive training, support and developmental supervision that maximize their ability and capacity to implement the policies and procedures on prevention effectively.
  • Resources are allocated in such a manner as to maximize the delivery of prevention services and programmes.

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