Sober Living Homes South Africa is a professional addiction care institution that serves as platform for substance use disorder education and an outreach program devoted to reducing drug and alcohol addiction in South Africa through education and prevention.

We introduce ourselves to people with addiction related problems that have been through formal inpatient treatment but need extended care addiction treatment services that would enable them to return to their day to day lives substance free.

Staying clean and sober gets easier and easier the longer people stay clean and sober and establish new routines away from substances.

The real world however awaits and getting back into home, life and work again means that addicts are back under the same stressors and pressures that in many cases caused them to become addicts in the first place.

One of the single biggest success factors to establishing sobriety is ensuring that these people have access to the right tools and support structures that they need to be able to endure their real world again, only this time away from the substances.

Sober Living Homes South Africa Service

SLHSA is a voluntary and free service that locates sober living homes across South Africa so that people in recovery can begin to integrate and live back in their usual lives yet in the supportive environment of sober living.

We take the time to review and rate sober home environments and provide key consulting to empower people to selevt their own path toward long-term sobriety.