Addiction counsellor services is an integral part of a lot of dependency treatment centres within treatment centres across the globe. There are numerous counselling techniques and also frameworks. Addiction counselling is generally carried out inside the auspices from the psychological health model of dependency. Dependency is viewed as a disease which can be remedied by using a mixture of approaches and techniques.

Counsellors in the residential treatment centres will often employ a “preferred” type of counselling however pay attention to other frameworks in addition to paradigms. This can help these people to adjust their particular method to match the person and never grow to be limited within inflexible methodology. An addiction rehab may possibly hire consultants from various frameworks that allows them to expand the particular set of skills of their staff.

A few of these kinds of addiction counsellor services include:

  1. Relapse Prevention is a cognitive-behavioural treatment utilized in dependency centres.
  2. Supportive-Expressive Psychiatric therapy is really a time-limited, targeted psychiatric therapy that’s been modified with regard to heroin- as well as cocaine-addicted people.
  3. Motivational Enhancement Therapy is the client-centred counselling method for starting behaviour modification through assisting people to solve ambivalence regarding participating in therapy as well as halting substance abuse.
  4. Behavioural Treatment for Teenagers includes the basic principle in which undesirable behaviour is often altered through crystal clear demonstration for the preferred behaviour and also constant incentive of step-by-step actions towards achieving this during a dependency treatment plan.
  5. Individualized Drug Counselling concentrates entirely on decreasing or even halting the addict’s unlawful substance abuse.
  6. The Matrix Model has been marketed to addiction rehab treatment centres in South Africa as being a feasible treatment paradigm.