There is no simple solution to substance abuse treatment. Should a person genuinely needs help and is devoted to stop with the abuse, there are many recovery centres available to pursue.

In many recovery situations, the cost of not seeking help is much greater than the money spent on treatment. We provide people with the guiding principals that they will use to overcome their destructive behaviour patterns.

Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Includes

  • We provide individualised dependence assessment and bespoke treatment strategies for each individual
  • Fully licensed and registered with the Department of Social Development
  • This private addictions treatment facility in Hyde Park, Sandton (Northern Johannesburg) offers high quality care for a number of addictions
  • One on one therapy

With over 1/2 of the South African greater population identified as moderate to heavy drinkers, alcohol is by far the most abused substance in South Africa. The drug and alcohol problem in South Africa is extremely problematic, with drug usage reported as being at twice the world norm.

We Cater For

Only in-depth knowledge of the initial break-off & addiction treatment process will enable the patient to accept a ongoing recovery-based lifestyle.

Confidential Callback

Our staff are trained and follow the anonymity and confidentiality and will never divulge conversation or written communication with to anyone without your express consent.

Addiction Rehab Facilities in Hyde Park

Our alcohol and drug rehab in Hyde Park treatment clinic provides safe and secure residence in home-like environment with full-time staff counsellors that cater directly to patients for substances like alcohol, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, methamphetamine related dependence disorders. This clinic is a 24h rehabilitation support facility with resident staff who know the process.

Registered Counsellors in Hyde Park (Sandton)

The best recovery counsellor and addiction therapist services in Sandton assist in an on going recovery lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. We cannot reiterate the importance of professional counsellor meetings to individuals that are seeking recovery lifestyle. Be aware: That ad-hoc personal addiction treatment is not suited to every person suffering with an addiction. Substance abuse recovery can frequently be much more involved than arriving at personal counselling sessions.

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