Our drug & alcohol treatment clinics put focused view on behaviour modification principals where we endorse wellness based rituals and a healthy recovery based style of living. Should an individual wholeheartedly wants help and is devoted to ending the addiction problem, there are many recovery centres available.

People abuse substances such as alcohol & drugs for varied & complicated host of reasons. We enable people with the guiding principals that they need to beat their destructive behaviour patterns.

Addiction Treatment Includes

  • Exclusive outpatient drug treatment centres
  • Addiction recovery clinics in Jukskeipark, Randburg (Northern Johannesburg)
  • Building a supportive network
  • Medically managed withdrawal process

There are a number of everyday substances that a person can become addicted to. Over 12% of South Africans some sort of addiction problem: and the main culprits are alcohol & dagga.

We Deal With

Ongoing recovery pays attention to the personal growth of new meaning and purpose in the individuals daily existence. This process is more of a personal journey as opposed to a specific result, and will entail establishing a sense of hope, a social inclusion and new meaning.

100% Confidential

We follow the anonymity and confidentiality and will not divulge conversation or written communication with to anyone without first getting your direct consent.

Our Rehab Facilities in Jukskeipark

The residential Jukskeipark treatment clinic provides safe & secure residence in a homely environment with full-time staff counsellors that deal directly to substance abuse for alcohol, cocaine, heroin, dagga, methamphetamine related addictions. This clinic is a 24 (hour) support rehab with experienced staff who know where you are coming from.

Addiction Treatment Counsellor in Jukskeipark (Randburg)

The recovery specialists and addiction counsellors in Randburg assist in an on going recovery-based lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. Walking into therapy for the first time is quite a harrowing experience for most people. Yet overtime it becomes easier as you get to gain insights and start to others who provide personal insights and support on the process. Note: Private outpatient style counselling is not suited to every person struggling with an addiction. Patients are individual people & traditional “one size fits all” approachers do not deal with the actual drivers of addiction and thus they do not fit all issues.

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