Like most journeys, the road to sobriety begins with simple nudges road to recovery. If an individual sincerely needs help with substance abuse & is fully committed to stop with the abuse, there are many good solutions.

Chemical dependence is a lifelong, relapsing disorder often characterised by a compulsive substance seeking and use in spite of the negative ramifications. Our rehab counsellors are deal with and finally help overcome patients entrenched addiction forming traits.

Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Most frequently used addictive drugs in South Africa. The drug and alcohol problem in South Africa is extremely serious, with our population usage reported as being at twice the global average.

We Cater For

Some of the most prominent and more expensive treatment services in Southern Africa actually have some of the worst recovery success rates in the industry.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Our staff are experienced and believe in anonymity and confidentiality in all our client conversations and will never divulge conversation or written communication with anyone without your consent.

Our Rehab Clinic in Linden

The Linden treatment centre provides secure & safe residence in an up-market halfway-house with full time counsellors that deal directly to substance abuse for alcohol, crack, cocaine, opioids, dagga, methamphetamine related disorders. Linden maintains competitive rates as a private treatment centre, and maintains one of the best after-care programmes on the market.

Specialist Addiction Counsellors in Linden (Randburg)

For all intents & purposes recovery counsellors in Randburg relate to a sustained recovery-based lifestyle for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. We cannot reiterate the importance of professionally run sessions with a registered counsellor to individuals that are seeking recovery lifestyle. Be aware: That ad-hoc personal addiction treatment is not ideal for every person struggling with an addiction. Substance abuse recovery can be a lot more intricate than arriving at personal counselling sessions.

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