Heroin is one of the most infamous drugs on the market and rightly so. Many people often try taking drugs recreationally or adopt the motto “”try everything at least once””. But heroin is not something you walk away from. You are likely to become addicted even after the very first time. It is often used in human trafficking to keep girls from running away exactly because of this reason.

The best way to stop when it comes to an addiction to heroin is never to start because a heroin addiction could eventually kill you and you may never be able to stop on your own. It is most commonly injected and needles are often shared between ‘junkies’. A heroin addict can be spotted a mile away from the needle marks on their arms and all over their bodies.

Just the needle sharing alone puts the heroin addict at risk for hepatitis and HIV. Heroin has been responsible for the most drug abuse deaths. It is very difficult to get rehabilitated because the withdrawal symptoms are so severe, the person may feel like they are in fact dying. Many heroin addicts commit suicide because they feel so alone and isolated from the world. Using heroin for a long time can cause abscesses to form, liver disease from the toxins, collapsed veins from constant injection and infection in the lining of the heart and its valves. If you know someone who is using heroin you need to intervene.

Some may even need to be dragged to a rehab centre by force. Most heroin addicts die from an overdose. Most mixes available on the street contain different strengths so one is never sure how much is being administered. Having an overdose will stop the breathing or could cause heart failure resulting in death. Don’t be fooled. If you’ve ever touched heroin or know someone that has, get help now because a heroin addiction is lethal.