This can be a huge problem, especially if one is a secretive addict. There is no one to tell you that you have a problem. The definition of a drug addict is any form of substance abuse. It can be alcohol, street drugs (marijuana, dagga etc.) and medications of all forms. Technically even smoking ordinary cigarettes is a substance abuse. Unless, you have an epiphany and realize it yourself but then denial that you have a problem plays a huge factor here.

There comes a time when you no longer get any pleasure out of drinking, taking drugs it’s not part of the “fun” anymore it becomes a must activity. The addict will do anything to achieve this goal.

Any person who will risk whatever the consequences to feed their habit such as job loss, debt problems, physical health and the happiness of those who surround them has a problem of or with an addiction.

Many addicts will eventually want to feed their habit as much as possible. Drinking or using drugs whenever possible during the working hours on the quiet. Or finding any excuse to have a business lunch and a few drinks. Maybe even a snort or shot on the sidelines.

Drug addicts cannot function properly in normal daily life without their substance of choice. One’s morals decline horribly in all aspects such as family life, work and friendships.

When home life begins to suffer and fall into turmoil due to lack of finances and other problems due to the substance abuse, this is the start of the rot setting in. If one cannot go home to a good healthy environment then there’s no hope because everything bad just dominoes right through your life.

Even though you do not want to admit that you have a substance abuse problem, friends and family will notice and hopefully comment. Listen to them; they may save your life in the real sense. You need drug rehabilitation help; if necessary take a friend or family member into your confidence to help you.

Nobody ever sets out to become a drug addict. It just sort of creeps up on you, until one day you are an addict, and you can’t function other than thinking of your next hit. There are many reasons why people decide to pick up that first hit – it could be peer pressure, environmental issues or only wanting to escape or try something new.

Many people are unable to handle the drugs and become addicted instantly, especially hard hitting drugs like heroine and meth. These drugs are especially potent and appealing to youths in South Africa. This is particularly distressing seeing as so many youths are walking through the addiction of these destructive drugs.

There are many different drugs that can lead to addiction in South Africa, including street drugs like dagga and marijuana, and other prescription medications and painkillers, many different forms of drugs. If you want to get technical about it, smoking a normal cigarette could also be classified as substance abuse.

It is simply better to avoid taking drugs in the first place. If you expose yourself to it, then you will have to face the possibility of becoming addicted to it. This is why it makes sense to just avoid taking it from the outset. If you are wondering if you are an addict, or whether a friend or loved one is struggling with drug addiction, then there are things to look out for.

Anyone who is willing to risk anything and everything to feed their habit such as debt problems, health problems, their jobs, family relationships or anything else has developed a drug addiction problem. Most addicts will after a while do everything possible to feed their habits constantly. They will take drugs or drink whenever they have the opportunity, be it at work or on the sly, it won’t matter to them. They will find any excuse to have a few drinks during the day, or snort or shoot their drugs whenever they can.

There is help available. You simply have to ask for it – drug addiction can be beaten, millions of people already have!

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