Alcohol abuse is not just about the effect that alcohol has on the body. Though this is of course the primary focus, alcohol can do a lot to damage the body. This is why when it comes to rehab centres, there is such a huge focus on diet to heal the body. To understand this, let’s take a look at exactly what alcohol does to your organs.

Alcohol is basically a toxin and this means that whatever organs it passes through will be damaged extensively over time. Firstly, there is the stomach and the valves that control the movement of stomach acid between the stomach and oesophagus. Excessive alcohol changes the pH in the stomach and thus, changes the stomach acid. This means that the valve stopping acid from going up into the throat becomes damaged and this can lead to acid reflux.

Excessive alcohol also damages the pancreas where sugar is processed, which is why many alcoholics struggle with diabetes. Then there is the liver, the part of your body that filters out toxins. This part of your body has to work overtime when you are an alcoholic since alcohol is so full of poisons. The kidneys too have to filter out the toxins and work harder to get the amount of alcohol you drink out of your body.Dietary Habits & Alcohol Abuse

So how does food help? Well, once you enter rehab and stop drinking, eating the right kinds of food can help your body repair. It calm the acid in your stomach, stabilize your blood sugar, give your liver time to heal and even flush your kidneys. Whatever damage you do when you are an alcoholic is mostly permanent, but when you stop drinking and you start plugging vitamins and minerals into your body, you can live longer and a better life. It all depends on how long you have been drinking and the presence of other substances during your addiction. It also depends on you, and whether you are prepared to give yourself the better life you deserve, or to continue drinking and break down your body piece by piece. If you need help with addiction go to