Did you know that when it comes to alcohol addiction, there is a very solid case for correct eating? The connection between the two may seem silly to anyone not suffering from alcohol addiction, but a study conducted seven years ago has shown that one of the best ways to beat alcohol abuse is to integrate a healthy and nutritional diet into your life.

The study conducted showed that when it comes to alcohol abuse, there seems to be an increased desire to eat sugars and carbohydrates and a deficiency of protein. Of course, because protein is processed through the liver, the same organ that has to process the toxins of alcohol, this can leave the body with even less protein to develop healthy muscle. A healthy diet comprising enough protein and less sugar and carbohydrates can help by providing the liver with enough vitamins and water to do its job better.

While there is not doubt that eating healthily is a good idea, there is actually no direct correlation between alcohol and diet in terms of causality. This means that alcoholism does not necessarily result in poor diet and vice versa. However, for a patient trying to regulate their life, learning to eat a healthy diet can be a great first step to healing, since it is one part of their life they have total control over. This is why a good rehab centre will teach users a number of life skills, such as proper diet to help them heal.

People often do not think about the health detriments of alcohol in terms of diet. Alcohol is filled with sugars and provides people’s bodies with empty calories. Those who suffer with alcoholism are plowing their bodies full of sugar that they actually cannot use and for the most part, this leaves them with a lot of fat. The lack of proper nutrients can also have a negative effect on any muscle they do have, and may start to degrade the body from the outside and inside. Healthy eating is a non-negotiable part of healing and should be one of the first skills taught to an alcoholic.