pastDrug addiction is a serious illness that can destroy a life if not treated in time and this has been proved time and time again. There are many different ways to detox the body of drugs other than drug rehabilitation.

There are of course natural and medical ways to detox the body of drugs. You can also do this detoxification at home or in a drug rehabilitation centre. The choice on how you go forward with drug detox is up to you as long as you catch the drug addiction in early stages.

Although drug detox can be done at home most individuals decide to do it in drug rehab as they feel that they will have more support here and have people around them that will understand what they are going through. In some cases family members place the addicts into these drug rehabilitation centres as they feel that they cannot deal with the person’s drug problem on their own and would rather have professionals helping their family member.

Drug rehabilitation is one of the best way to treat drug addiction as there may be more support than there would be at home. The only downfall to a rehabilitation centre is the costs as well as the time in which a person is in the rehabilitation centre.

Inpatient, natural or medicated detox usually takes place at your residence and is usually of a shorter period than that of spending time in a rehabilitation centre. With medicated detox the patient is placed under sedation for an extended period of time, these types of detox require the patient to have permanent medical supervision while sedated. One must understand that although the person is sedated and the drugs are flushed from there system during this period, continued support is needed after the drug detox is over.

As one can see there are many different types of detox and each type has its own pros and own cons. As a family one has to decide which drug rehabilitation will work best for you and your loved ones. For more information you can do a search online.