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There are many comprehensive guides to making high quality methamphetamine (tik) at home. New recipe to produce tik or methamphetamine using easily available ingredients with comprehensive step by step tutorial for high quality crystal meth production. The recipe to cook meth from home is for educational purposes only and should never be attempted by anyone as methamphetamine is a highly addictive illegal substance. Complete explanation of how to make your own tik with video and step by step instructional process.

The lives this drug destroys and the misery it creates is truly horrendous. I urge you to find ways to help solve the epidemic created in the wake of tik / methamphetamine or crystal meth than perpetuate it. If you are on this page with the intent to illegally manufacture and distribute methamphetamine you are in the wrong place unfortunately.

In the manufacturer and distribution of class one drugs like meth or tik tik as it is known in South Africa. For every wannabe drug dealer that hit’s this page and watches this video we could have potentially saved the life of someone who did not try tik because their dealer was wasting time watching this comprehensive how to video on how to make meth from home and getting nowhere.

We apologise if you are a researcher into the easy “do it yourself” guide to the production of tik or methamphetamine at home, however this page serves a reminder and could save  potential meth producers life by changing career.

A few good reasons why making meth at home is a very bad idea:

  1. The chemical reactions required to produce meth are very dangerous. Too much of ingredient X or overheat ingredient Y  and you and will only achieve a chemical explosion with bonus toxins that can disintegrate flesh. This is true in a home or in a professional dedicated laboratory, however in a house you wont have the required equipment to attempt these reactions safely so the chances of an explosion are exponentially higher.
  2. Making tik from substances that are available to the public includes changing the chemical make-up of these substances. These are many reactions required to remove the byproducts of these substances from the methamphetamine, which is requires advanced understanding of chemistry and some experience in working with tightly controlled chemicals. Even in a lab, none of these reactions are going to be entirely “clean” as you are not dealing with the pure format of the chemicals and the by-products can make the end product a truly lethal concotion (which will have you down for murder, not drug dealing if someone dies).  Even with an experienced chemist. These chemicals interfere with making actual tik end product, and they ultimately contaminate it with high volumes of carcinogens and heavy metals.
  3. If you are still thinking about producing meth at home stop, do yourself a favour. The product will be bad and you expose yourself to the a horror show of things that happen to people who try make their own tik without the vitally necessary know-how. If you are making tik at home for personal use, then you need to be happy with the idea of poisoning yourself (home cooks are NOT the same as “lab” meth), presuming you don’t kill or permanently injure yourself during the home cook. It is hard to enjoy meth once you have blown off your hands, or made yourself permanently blind, or had chemical burns across your entire surface of your body, dissolved your lungs and destroyed sinuses, burned down your family home or the hundreds of other things that do frequently happen to meth cooks that go wrong (it happens so frequently in home meth cooks you would not believe. This is not “Breaking Bad”, this is real life).
  4. Very importantly the law. We all know tik is illegal but when you make your own meth you are not simply classified as a user or dealer in the eyes of South African law. You are in manufacture and distribution category, where the jail sentences can frequently rise above the 20 years behind bars. If you have spent a bit of time behind bars in South Africa you will know that this is real threat. Remember the #1 priority of narcotic police services is to apprehend the distributors, so every sale, every dealer, every agent that get’s caught up by police will try to reduce their sentence by cooperating with police and “ratting you out”.
  5. The underworld of drug dealing. Don’t think you are “protected” by the underworld of dealers and shady characters you will meet along the way. Facing serious jail time sooner or later someone will roll on you, however tough you think you are, there is frequently a break in command somewhere and “king pins” are identified, cases are built and they are sent to jail. Speaking of the underworld, having any volume of tik or cash makes you an instant target to a broad range or users, dealers, rival gangs e.t.c. Robbery, murder, torture are frequent occurrences that seldom hit mainstream media unless the story is truly horrendous or outstanding to the public. A meth lab “chemist” being shot, stabbed or robbed in the gambit of day to day drug slinging seldom makes a headline in todays breaking news in South Africa. The police file a report and you become a statistic, that’s it. Forget about the “fat stacks” of “Breaking Bad” cash, that is Hollywood, this is real life. 90% of the crimes that happen when it comes to dealing in drugs go unreported (for obvious reasons) meth cooks are targets and scape goats for everyone.
  6. Additional charges. Ok so as a meth manufacturer you have to deal with a great many circumstances that require a firearm to protect yourself. Invariably and in many circumstances of underworld criminal activity you will probably require an illegal firearm that cannot be traced back to you. Aside from the risks in simply acquiring an illegal firearm you will also be walking around with an additional 15 years imprisonment sentence, over your head every day. This means that even if the police pull you over for having a broken tail light and discover an illegal firearm. Their first order of business is to find out where you live and who you associate with and to obtain search warrants to ensure that you are not guilty of more offenses. With gun law as such a hot topic in South Africa, you can be assured that those charges are going to stick and stick on-top of whatever they connect you with. Furthermore if you “rat out” anyone in the process of your arrest, be sure you have a good explanation for them in prison, as you may very well be seeing them behind bars with you. The South Africa’s prison system frequently puts people connected to the same crime in the same jails for the lack of facilities.
  7. But of-course people think they are smarter than all this. They think they can indefinitely dodge the above pitfalls and get away with building their own meth lab and make tons of money and are not afraid of the consequences. Just remember this. The onus is on the state to prove your guilt in order to successfully convict you. So people think they can “hide” their meth lab and get away with producing high quality meth or tik. Well that’s because you are horribly mis-informed as to how smart the narcotics units are in SAPS. Narcotics policing in South Africa is one of the most sophisticated and well trained units in the world, convincing cases are built very quickly once they have any inkling of a “bust” they use technology average citizens don’t have access to or don’t even know exists to record conversations, pinpoint individual locations and cement their cases. Let it be known that by the time SAPS “raid”, you are already a target high on their agenda and they have a case on you that is very likely to stick. NARCS don’t mess around they are heavily armed and protected and they don’t take chances.

Meth Addicts Needing Help

If you are addicted to this drug, there is always a way out. Thousands of people recover from methamphetamine addiction every day, so you can too. Please get help before this drug destroys that hope and ends your life. We have helped hundreds of people get off tik and we could help you kick the drug too. Addiction is a psychological disorder of the mind, by resolving this problem we are able lo lead you to a life where you do not need this drug anymore and you can live life on your own terms not governed by a substance addiction. Take that first step in getting off meth and contact our support counsellors today.

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