What is drug detox? Drug detox is the removal of drugs from the system either through medical assistance or through shear willpower. Drug addiction, as has been proved and seen many times can ruin an individual’s life; this is why detox is extremely important. Drug abuse is not only the use of street drugs, but is also the abuse of alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs or prescription medication.

People the abuse drugs become reliant on these drugs to function through a day and feel that they cannot get through the day without taking certain medication or having a drink or even snorting or injecting street drugs. Once a person comes to this stage they will do almost anything to get hold of their drug of choice and often this means spending endless amounts of money or selling off items to get money to purchase these drugs. These individuals will also refuse a drug detox system as they feel that they do not have a problem.

At some stage these individuals might admit to themselves or to someone else that they have a problem and that they need help, for an individual to get to this point in their life it takes strength and determination. There are a number of methods to stop drug addiction, although there is no quick fix for drug addiction. Home or natural detox is one method that can be used and is by far the most dangerous and most painful way of drug detox as it involves either stopping cold turkey or gradually reducing the use of a certain drug.

Drug rehabilitation centres are the best answer for any drug addict as they can receive the support that they need form these drug centres. Other methods of drug detox also include medicated detox, this type of detox requires the patient to have around the clock medical supervision and normally this is done at home. Drug detox is the way to go, however there are safe ways to do it and dangerous ways to do it, for more information on drug detox you can speak to a medical professional.