How-to guide for anyone looking to beat any addiction

Focuses on key strategies used in top recovery centres worldwide and some practical tips and tricks for readers on how to identify and resolve addiction problems.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: What this Book Has to Offer

You Are Not Alone

You Can Beat Addiction If You Try

Don’t Lose Hope

Chapter One: What is Addiction?

The Definition of Addiction

Psychological Addiction

The Bottom Line

Chapter Two: The Addiction Cycle

Why the Addiction Cycle Is so Insidious

The Emotional Trigger

The Craving

The Ritual

Reinforcing the Behavior

The Guilt

Chapter Three: Reasons People Fail at Overcoming Addiction

Back to the Cycle

They Don’t Really Want to Quit

They Have a Destructive Environment

They Don’t Have Any Help

The Physical Withdrawal Symptoms Are Impossible to Endure

Chapter Four: Make a Commitment to Quit

Define Your Commitment

Set a Future Date

Tell Everyone

Make Your Commitment Count

Chapter Five: Your Pros & Cons

The Pros

The Cons

Put Them up Somewhere

Chapter Six: Identify Your Triggers

How to Identify Your Triggers

Chapter Seven: Make a Quitting Plan

When to Make the Quitting Plan

How to Make the Quitting Plan

Chapter Eight: Prep Your Environment

Step One: Remove All of Your Paraphernalia

Step Two: Remove All of Your Trigger Objects

Step Three: Change Your Habits

Chapter Nine: Seek Professional Help

How to Use Professional Help

The Stigma Attached to Mental Health Issues

Chapter Ten: Surround Yourself with Support

Explain Things without Making Personal Attacks

Find Friends Who Know How to Support You

Family Members

Chapter Eleven: Handling Withdrawal Symptoms

Substance Abuse

Coming off Alcohol

Other Withdrawal Symptoms

Chapter Twelve: Celebrate Your Success

Setting Milestones

Setting up Rewards

Celebrate Your Daily Success As Well

Chapter Thirteen: Track Your Progress

Your Daily Diary

32 Days without an Accident

Track Your Progress Periodically Too

Conclusion: Your Road to Recovery

Summary of the Material