“It’ will and can never happen to me as I know exactly what I’m taking, and doing and how much of it I can use’ is what the majority of now dead heroin addicts said. The only way to avoid a heroin sudden death is to not ever take heroin or stop immediately before your fate catches up with you and the heroin takes its toll.

Convulsing/having a fit, Frothing from your mouth, inability to inhale air and cannot breathe, stopped heart, cannot wake up from your sleep – Only a few shocking yet real examples of the final moments you as a Heroin Addict will have before your fatal sudden death.

Heroin is the ‘tar’ thief who creeps up on you, robs you of your money, your body’s ability to function properly and finally it steals your life.

No drug dealer will ever tell you that his extremely addictive and expensive powdery tar-like drug; better known on the streets as Muc, Skag, Horse, Brown Sugar, Big H, Blacktar, Junk, Dope, Smac; will very likely cause your unexpected Horrific Death.

Heroin, is a depressant and to such extreme that your brain will not be able to identify pain once the drug is in your system and it also depresses your central nervous system resulting in your vital organs not being able to function properly. If a heroin addict took more that his or her body can ‘handle’ they will overdose and die. If a heroin addict takes heroin which is not in its pure form but mixed with other substances due to the dealer trying to make more profit, then the person will surely die due to poisoning. Heroin Addicts are also very prone to get HIV/Aids and or Hepatitis B and or C by sharing the virus infected needles.

Heroin has taken so many lives, and should not even be tried once as the possibilities are great that you might meet your sudden death the first time around. It has been reported that if anyone takes heroin after consuming alcohol they will die immediately.

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that heroin addict can ultimately result in death. Many people all over the world die of heroin addiction or heroin addiction overdoses. This is why heroin addicts need to get help as soon as possible before they become another statistic for heroin addiction. Just by looking at heroin addiction pictures you will be able to see the seriousness of the addiction.

Understanding heroin addiction is extremely difficult and the only people who are genuinely able to understand and help is professionals who deal with addiction and who understand what the heroin addict is going through. It is going to be best to learn all the signs of heroin use in order to detect it immediately in someone that you love or care about.

The heroin addiction rate is extremely high and the majority of people who use heroin easily and quickly become very addicted to it. In fact if you read heroin addiction true stories you will soon see just how quickly heroin addiction takes place. Prevention is better than a cure and it is best to never take heroin in the first place.