Unfortunately there is no quick fix solution to full addiction recovery. Our skilled counsellors assist people with drug addiction and alcoholic substance abuse issues find qualified help clinics that ideally suit their needs.

Counsellors and psychologists will help manage the behaviours that lead to substance addiction. We enable people with the supportive principals of the twelve step orientated treatment that they will use to overcome their destructive behaviour.

Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Includes

  • Group counselling
  • Intended for individuals who live in Sunninghill, Sandton (Northern Johannesburg)
  • Interventions for patients that are reluctant to being admitted
  • Re-building of self confidence and self esteem

With over 1/2 of the South African population can be identified as frequent drinkers, alcohol is by far the most abused substance in Southern Africa. Over 13% of South Africans have addiction related problems: the main culprits are alcohol & dagga.

We Advise On

The recent development of life and recovery coaches serve as pillars to working with sustained addiction recovery but their reach is limited when it comes to professional counselling and intensive therapeutic work to break the addiction and relapse behaviours.

Confidential Callback

We follow the anonymity and confidentiality and will never divulge verbal or written communication with to anyone without your direct consent.

Addiction Rehab Facilities in Sunninghill

The primary care Sunninghill treatment clinic provides safe and secure residence in a homely environment with full-time staff counsellors that manage patients for alcohol, cocaine, heroin, dagga, meth related addictions. Sunninghill maintains highly competitive admission rates as a key private treatment centre, and boasts one of the best tertiary programmes in the market.

Addiction Treatment Counsellor in Sunninghill (Sandton)

The directives of the best addiction counselling services in Sandton assist in an on going recovery lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. The meetings are held in several formats but usually entail the conveyance of personal shares & active substance free lifestyle coping strategies. Private outpatient counsellors are not always ideal solutions for every person suffering with an addiction disorder. Addiction disorders can frequently be much more intricate than attending outpatient orientated therapy and may still require the specialised services found in formal addiction rehabilitation centres in South Africa. meeting.

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