Relapse Prevention is focused on adding professional dimensions usually only accessible in specialized private psychiatric clinics and/or specialized life-coaching programs.

  1. We are impartial and do not judge, or commit members to anything they are not willing to accept.
  2. Our focused offering is based identifying the issues, providing solutions to sustainable staying sober / clean lifestyles through life skills based programs.
  3. Access to any section of this site is free or by free invite, 24/7 365.
  4. Participation in the community forum is a great place to introduce yourself and to ask any questions find and be found.
  5. This is a safe and secure community where you can participate in person or anonymously.
  6. The program is based on, and recognized by numerous international and local addiction recovery groups and most of all the community we support.
  7. Relapse Prevention is a non-profit designed on a monthly donation principal. This commitment to the “treatment process” any funds are used to drive initiatives and add value into the program for greater community in recovery.
  8. Individuals are encouraged to not only donate but share and contribute information that helps or helped them through or in recovery.
  9. Non-faith based recovery means that we do not have any particular religious affiliation and focus purely on relapse prevention principals. Spirituality is addressed in a non denominational way.
  10. The courseware is interactive, dynamic and professionally vetted material.
  11. We advocate a process of ongoing support (provided by volunteers in the discussion forums) and the addiction professional community at large.

You could be spending tens of thousands on private rehabilitation or you could just be a member of this website.

Relapse prevention is designed to function like that meeting when you can’t attend a meeting. It’s the virtual sponsor when you don’t want to ask a sponsor.