Addiction is a problem that has plagued South Africa at every level of society and has accelerated over the past decade to unmanageable proportions.

  1. Government facilities are overrun and are notoriously ineffective in preventing ongoing relapses.
  2. Private drug rehab facilities are financially inaccessible to the majority of addition patients.
  3. There is very little data to support the effectiveness of the anonymous groups across the spectrum of addiction.

The truth is that substance addiction remains prevalent and while these groups may help many people the majority still slip through the cracks and back into relapsing cycles of addiction from which they cannot break free.

For these reasons traditional addiction recovery methods have become ineffective in reaching and treating the majority of individuals in need.

Understanding the many social and financial barriers to entry the team at Relapse Prevention decided that it was time to deal with the bigger problem and constructed an accessible sobriety Programme series online.

This means we can offer professional recovery solutions based on expert advice and strategies in a format that is vetted by the recovery community and in a medium that is largely free. (Donation based non-profit)

This is an accessible Programme that does not require meetings and has no religious or commercial affiliations or associations.

We invite members to become familiar with some of the basic functions and sections of the website.

How Does The Relapse Prevention Programme Work?

Specifically access to the forum.

Registered members refine their courseware Programme by following a few short personality and substance abuse control questions.

The Relapse Prevention system refines a Programme of topics that would be most relevant and useful for the individual based on their selections in the reading and control question process.

This forms the basis of their 12 month sobriety Programme that is available to members to read free online.

Each day / week / month Relapse Prevention delivers 12 month sobriety Programme content to members via daily reminder emails.

Working this process allows individuals access to the information in an online or downloadable format to read offline.

Members have access to as community questions in an open or private forum under a selectable alias or chosen name.

The system is all available on mobile devices with modern touch-screen interfaces.

  • Universal truths on addiction
  • Recovering your life
  • Discovering your super powers
  • Dealing with the loss
  • Dealing with depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pain and Trauma
  • Managing enabling relationships
  • Staying positive in the face of adversity
  • You cannot change the past but you can change you
  • Building new life skills
  • Parenting in the face of addiction recovery
  • Family in addiction
  • Working the 12 step
  • Working the anon groups
  • Working the Relapse Prevention sheets
  • Legal advice
  • Being the better person
  • Access to over 2000 similar topics.

Does it work?

That’s up to you to decide.

We are here to help you get clean and sober and stay clean and sober in a longterm and sustainable way.

The Relapse Prevention course will focus you on getting back on your feet again and rediscover the inner drivers that will enable you to not only break free from obsessive substance abuse, but establish healthy personal and professional relationships, day to day work / life ethics, and recovery routines.

In our Programme you will get to meet others in the same predicament and you will have the privilege of helping and talking to people.

This is the open source version of addiction recovery.

These are the fundamental building blocks to recovery. The community

This Programme is designed around modern internationally researched principals of recovery where we use data screening identify the problem, create an environment that provides the tools, insights and learnings to deal with the problem and then continues to drive practical day to day insights and mantras from which drug addicts and alcoholics are able to reformat and maintain their sobriety.

Turning addiction recovery on it’s head from traditional recovery centre is not easy with the level of bullshit that exists in the industry but this is a Programme and a path that you decided to click on today is a journey that if your choose to take will recover your life.

Yes life

Recovery is a choice we have to make, the alternative is death. Unfortunately it gets to that, and as much as we ignore it, the inevitable progression is an untimely demise.

Once you understand that you are not fighting addiction anymore and that you are fighting for your life, decisions about the next steps become clearer.

As human beings we are built to survive, we are the most successful species on this planet and we are the most destructive species on this planet. This destruction exists in ourselves through substance abuse.


The drawback is that once we have made the choice we have to stick with it.


Working this Programme enables you to visit your counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, because it’s online at no extra cost.

This is available on mobile, email, website, forum, audio and a variety of downloadable formats.

This Programme includes all the key strategies and mantras and psychological, pathological addiction recovery


Professional life coaches, consultants, psychiatrists, psychologists and members of the recovery community (including you) contribute to this courseware and mold and shape this unique process to be the most effective any course can be.


We follow all recovery principals best practice, using every and any technique that we think is valuable to ensure you recovery. This is a Programme that you would pay over R20 000 per / month to hear in a secondary recovery center.


Our community is a growing, our success is growing and our patients are starting to truly understand addiction, recovery, relapse and how they can most effectively prevent it. In the spirit of this community supports this process is supported and


This is a secondary out patient Programme designed to be costed at the same rate as donations common in alcoholics anonymous meetings.

This Programme is geared around all the core principals and leading frameworks of long-term addiction recovery.

We dispense with the rhetoric and misinformation and focus on dealing with the physiological and psychological traps inherent to substance abuse as a treatable disease.

NOTE: Relapse Prevention is NOT designed as a detox program

See section on: Do I need a detox program? In active addiction cases we are happy to refer patients to suitable detox services in our support network, however this Programme is purely designed around maintaining recovery-based lifestyle and to helping individual to recover their sobriety.

The right candidates for this website?

  • Individuals that require an secondary, tertiary, outpatient recovery Programme and have undergone detox / primary care treatment.
  • Individuals on the fringes of alcohol and drug abuse. Frequent drinkers and or drug users that are having problems controlling their intakes and or a substance is starting to effect their day to day lives but are unwilling to seek recovery.
  • Individuals in the 12 step or anonymous programs looking to re-enforce ongoing recovery process with an accessible and effective coping and life skills program.
  • Counsellors and recovering addicts and alcoholics in the step programs looking to offer help directly to the recovery community.
  • People with an active addition looking to gear their mindset toward entering the path to long-term recovery.