Recovery Direct has established a fundamentally different approach to addiction treatment and recovery than has ever been attempted before in South Africa.

The model uses adaptations of many mainstream traditional methods of psychotherapy in an integrative evidence-based treatment plan.

This format applies the best practice principles across a spectrum of treatment options for each patient provided there is

  • Evidence to support treatment options validity.
  • That the treatment option is suited to the expedited recovery of the patient within the timeframe.

This personal goal-orientated, appreciative approach, mindfully places the patient in a collaboration orientated environment that is free from distractions that could impede personal progress.

All the common “community service”, “12 steps”, “tough love” etc are seen as legacy and not conducive to personally “appreciative care” and “compassion” which is unequivocally required to get to the root of the problem in order to resolve it in the patient’s mind.

The level of care is managed in a collaboration between two dedicated therapists which the patient sees each day inside the treatment programme.

In this collective, the patient establishes their goals and the direction of their treatment yet the therapists guide the process to ensure the direction maintains true and meaningful congruence to the patient’s life outside of the centre.

The timeframe to achieve the defined goals varies, however, the process sets the initial 28 days as a barometer to achieve a level of success whereby the patient may successfully leave the centre to continue with their day to day life.

In some cases, treatment may continue or the residential portion may be extended however the focus remains on ensuring the majority of individuals are back in their lives in a shorter timeframe as possible.

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For more information on this Cape Town Centre visit : or the online recovery program here. If you are based in the Netherlands or in the United Kingdom there are specific therapeutic care services in-country to assist with respect to the most appropriate treatment options.