Sadly there is no simple solution to addiction recovery. There is a wide range of substance abuse advisory services in Ontdekkerspark (Roodepoort) to help you quit drinking or using drug related substances, and most of them have nothing to do with your spirituality.

In most recovery cases, the issues caused by not finding addiction help is much more than the money spent on expert treatment. Substance abuse recovery is never out of reach, no matter how helpless your situation seems.

Effective Treatment Services

  • Family counselling
  • Intended for individuals who live in Ontdekkerspark, Roodepoort (West Rand)
  • Personalised treatment plans
  • Trauma therapy

Most frequently used addictive substances in South Africa. Over 11% of South African individuals have addiction problems: and their primary problems are dagga & alcohol.

We Deal With

  • Alcohol rehab centre
  • Heroin rehab centres
  • Prescribed meds rehab centres
  • Many other drug and alcohol problems

Most spiritual, life coaching or recovery coaching services do not deal with the entire scope of substance abuse recovery, whereas most “professional” rehab clinics have fantastic websites but land up being online marketing companies operated by recovering addicts.

Confidential Callback

Our staff are trained and believe in anonymity and confidentiality and won’t divulge conversation or written communication with to anyone without first getting your consent.

Addiction Rehab Facilities in Ontdekkerspark

The primary care Ontdekkerspark treatment clinic provides safe and secure residence in home-like environment with resident counsellors that manage recovering patients of alcohol & drug related disorders. This clinic is a round the clock support rehab with resident staff who know where you are coming from.

Registered Counsellors in Ontdekkerspark (Roodepoort)

For all intents personal addiction counselling services in Roodepoort relate to a sustained recovery lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. These meetings are geared at recovering individuals that have begun the process required to break free from their addictions. Personal counselling or one on one therapy outside of a private care rehab facility is not ideal for everyone suffering with an addiction problem. Substance abuse recovery can frequently be a lot more complex than attending professional sessions with a mental health practitioner as there may be many physical side effects to stopping addictive substances.

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