SANCA Bellville has been included in the Relapse Prevention web site within the effort to find and document all addiction recovery services that can meet the many requests of many people trying to find treatment applicable services.

Relapse Prevention is in no way related to SANCA Bellville but to host some basic details about this rehabilitation centre found in South Africa. In case you wish to get in contact with Bellville you can reach them on (021) 945 2099/2103 or visit their website here.

Relapse Prevention is a volunteer managed website, driven by individuals in rehabilitation. Material put into this form is for the gain for the group please keep it factual.

Bellville Contact Details

South African Drug Rehabs

  • Name of Facility: SANCA Bellville
  • Address: No. 3 2nd Avenue, Boston, Bellville
  • Phone Number: (021) 945 2099/2103
  • Website:

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