At this point you are probably a bit half-minded about continuing this course to it’s conclusion. Most smokers believe that they are “setting themselves up for failure” by trying to STOP smoking or that they are “too addicted” to stop smoking or justify their smoking as some sort of innocuous and harmless pastime or hobby.

It’s all a big lie. .

Nicotine draws on only one primal instinct. Once that is dealt with in the formulation of your craving strategy you are quite literally freed from the addiction.

Believe me it’s worth persevering, think about it this way.

At very least you will have the knowledge at your fingertips to put down that box of smokes and never touch them again without the fear of withdraw or cravings. You can choose to kick smoking cigarettes in the proverbial balls without a single pang.

Seriously NOW!

I will explore the excuses that smokers use later, however for the moment just know this little quick fact.

Whatever EXCUSE YOU use to convince YOURSELF to SMOKE. It stands TO BE THE BIGGEST reason you will continue to smoke.

and your smoking EXCUSE is a lie, that only you believe.

Stopping smoking has nothing to do with willpower!

Your subconscious is overrided by a chemical and YOU are make the seemingly conscious decision to LIVE! or SMOKE!

Justifying this habit with your POWERFUL brain and no-person, no-blog will ever convince you otherwise.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD reason to continue smoking! Yet you do still?


There is no spoon, NEO.

If you are ever going to beat cigarettes you are going to need to win that argument with the nicotine monster in your head. Then only can you address the real or perceived issues that lie ahead.

You need to prep yourself with the facts about the cycles of addiction and the effects of nicotine on your brain and body. I am not talking about the health stuff, I am talking about the other stuff.

Ultimately you need to win over yourself over or you can forget crushing that last box of ciggies forever.

Let’s get started playa!

First we need to de-Programme your subconscious and give you a few weapons of logic to use in your declaration of war against nicotine your addiction.

In the history of the world never has there been a case of anyone dropping dead from lack of nicotine. So from cigarettes is perfectly safe to go cold turkey, promise.

That “fear and panic” you feeling as you stop smoking is 100% natural. Nicotine monster wants more and now he is pulling the “fight or flight receptors” in your brain. This in turn is triggering only a small quantity of adrenalin into your blood stream.

Worst case scenario going “cold turkey” from nicotine, heavy smokers will feel a whole lot better in just a couple of days. The weeks / months that follow may be filled with obsessive SELF-induced-psyco-bable-nonsense spurred by that “little nicotine monster”.

….If you let him have a say….

Let’s just speak logically here for a second because NO LOGIC WINS the FOR smoking argument.

Every day that smokers continue to smoke they will feel this “cold turkey” feeling. That same fear drives them to never stop smoking.

This uneasy cold turkey feeling is only to smokers and drug addicts and the feeling of unease will never go away so long as they continue to consume the drug / nicotine.

Overtime your body grows tolerant to nicotine; This requires you to take on more nicotine to achieve the same “effect”. Ironically nicotine has no definable “effect” other than “smokers tension relief” or we would all probably not enjoy walking round high as a kite and stop smoking.

The only effect nicotine has on the human body is addiction.The substance quite literally tricks your brain into thinking you need it…..but you don’t.

Ultimately Nicotine addicts are forced to make a decision.

  1. Either smoke more (exasperating the tolerance problem with more of the drug) or
  2. Slow down the nicotine in-take and suffer the “cold turkey” effects between each cigarette for the rest of their lives.
  3. Stop smoking altogether and live out a far healthier, cleaner and happier existence.

Put like that why wouldn’t any smoker just stop smoking.

Isn’t it odd that smokers in most cases elect points two and perpetuate a lifelong craving between each cigarette. For all the years that they continue to smoke the conundrum that any substance abuse builds a tolerance.

And yet the little secret question that all ex-smokers don’t admit is that it is in fact EASY to just STOP SMOKING, GO COLD TURKEY.

Once you manage to convince thy own self that you are no longer going to be a slave to a chemical.

Truth is….

Smoking will never be as “satisfactory” as it was in the past as your body adapts and tolerates the ongoing assault of nicotine abuse.

Think about it like this : If it’s just psyco-babble-back-chat-bullshit from the nicotine monster your own brain, that is causing you to re-hook yourself on nicotine with each new puff.

You can stop smoking electively, whenever you like, without drugs and without going to a hypnotist or a group hug ex smokers workshop and piss away more hard earned cash. (don’t get me wrong, whatever works to get you to stop smoking is good). But let’s be real if pictures of blackened lungs were going to scare you off, you would have quite years ago. If you are serious about stopping smoking there is an easy way.

But, but but

how does one “turn down the volume” on this dirty nicotine monsters rantings??
how do you live your life free from the slavery of drug addiction??
how does one go cold turkey and break the cycle of addiction without feeling the cravings??

Here’s where Im supposed to introduce some miracle product that makes all those cravings go away.

Well why don’t you rather commit this to memory

  1. you will smell better
  2. you will be better
  3. you are not doing to smoke again because you now understand what “nicotine is doing” to your state of mind and consciously REJECT IT.
  4. you will live a happier fuller life (no more ducking out for a quick fag during those important meetings, family events)
  5. you are no longer the role model poster child for a chemical, you are now against it, part of a new resistance, able to control your own mind thanks very much.
  6. you have better things to do with your life than literally waste it sucking on a dirty ciggy butt.

The easy way!

Stop being a softy cock and stop making excuses.
Pick a date in the near future (end of this month is good)

Book the Friday and the Monday off work so that you have a complete 4 day weekend without temptation or opportunity. (this is just to humour those doubting doubters)

Remember that by lighting that cigarette

You are…….

Re-introducing nicotine to the body with every puff and perpetuating a cycle of pure illogical stupidity, that may lats for the rest of your life. With every inhale you re-trigger that fake-primal urge to survive.
That the “craving” will never end unless you pro-actively and consciously


As the nicotine dissolves in the bloodstream and the brain stops receiving it’s dose of the drug you will begin to feel uneasy again.

That’s natural, you twit! What did you think would happen after so many years of smoking.

After poisoning your body for so many years with a mind altering drug, did you think that there would be no repercussions? Good news is that in 24h and the rest of your life you be OVER IT!!

Drink a glass of water and change, your facebook status. Change whatever you are doing so that your full attention is focused on something POSITIVE other than!

The inconvenient truth that cigarette companies and nicotine addicts perpetuate the lie and would hate for you to believe that…..


From this point on and for the rest of your life you will always know two new things.

  • Nicotine is a lie
  • Its easy to stop

You are sacrificing nothing by quitting! Relly now!

It’s a brain game and you have been losing this whole time due to the bull#[email protected]# spun by cigarette companies and by fellow role-model smokers for years.

The reality is that it literally takes 24h to “get over” the mild side effects of nicotine, yet “getting over” psychological addiction to nicotine may take the rest of your natural life (unless you mentally prepare yourself for it).

  • Craving is a good feeling.
  • Craving means that for the first time in a long time you are taking care of yourself.
  • Craving means that for the first time in a long time you are thinking about everyone around you.
  • Craving means that you are still beating yourself up about that lying son of a @#[email protected]$ nicotine monster.

Craving is temporary and easy to divert.

In the first few days.


Smokers (who make up a significant portion of leaders in our communities) perpetuate the “social acceptance” of nicotine or let’s call it what it is “substance abuse” and to some degree enjoy the “comradely of fellow smokers” or the . These individuals make any excuse under the sun to justify their addiction.

Due to the typical psychometric and intelligence profiles of smokers convincingly argue and justify the fact that they allow a substance to control their lives.

All these arguments seem completely plausible until they actually stop smoking.
Then “when im bored”, “when im stressed”, “when I need a break”, “without it my wife would divorce me”, “my wife / husband smokes”, “” and innumerate other excuses.blah blah.

As a mind-altered as your average smoker is if they went cold turkey.