Location location location! The golden rule in property applies to long-term addiction treatment too. People caught in active addiction can receive primary care treatment pretty much anywhere, however when it comes time to reintegrate back into your day to day life it would be best advised to find help and support in close proximity to where you live.

With the right structures close at hand the prospect of gritting through the relapse cycles diminishes. Local groups and the anonymous meetings play a significant role in breaking the fallback routines of addiction.

Treatment services located in close proximity to those that are suffering from addiction disorders play a vital role in access to support and the long term rehabilitation of individuals. Our nationwide database includes all government and private care rehabilitation services and we our councillors are trained and able to guide you to the best format of treatment for you.

Many studies have unequivocally proven that having addiction treatment service close to individuals is one of the best tactics in reducing relapse risk and creating a sustainable sober lifestyle. Relapse Prevention has a trusted recovery network and can advise you on the best centres and treatment services located near you.