Our drug and alcohol treatment services place specific emphasis on behaviour modification where we encourage good habits and a viable lifestyle. Our addiction support treatment centres, sober houses, and support centres that can aid people to progress forward with their day to day lives without the entrapments of addiction.

Our drug and alcohol treatment services are so comprehensive that all quality medical aids will cover the complete cost of the therapy. Our registered addiction rehabilitation services are operated by licensed, specialised mental health practitioners and substance abuse recovery counsellors (who have been down the road). The long-term goal is to prepare clients to achieve and maintain abstinence from addictive chemicals and behaviours.

Addiction Treatment Includes

  • Group counselling
  • Intended for individuals who live in Ormonde, Johannesburg (Central Johannesburg)
  • Building a supportive network
  • Re-building of confidence and self esteem

It’s thought that over 1/2 of the South African total population classified as “drinkers”, alcohol is the #1 abused addictive substance in Southern Africa. Drug & alcohol abuse also leads to road accidents, violence, issues at work and home & worse yet, trouble with the law!

We Assist With

Many of the biggest and most expensive addiction treatment centres in South Africa actually have some of the lowest recovery success rates.

100% Confidential

We believe in anonymity and confidentiality and will not divulge conversation or written material with to anyone without first getting your consent.

Our Treatment Facilities in Ormonde (Johannesburg)

The Ormonde treatment clinic provides secure & safe accommodation in home-like environment with full-time staff counsellors that deal directly to patients of alcohol, crack, cocaine, heroin, dagga, methamphetamine related dependence disorders. This clinic is a 24 (hour) rehabilitation support facility with resident staff who understand the drill.

Therapists for Addiction in Ormonde (Johannesburg)

The counsellors in Johannesburg prescribe an on going recovery-based lifestyle for people with substance use disorders. Walking into therapy for the first time is quite a daunting experience for most individuals. Yet over-time it becomes more natural as you get to gain insights and begin to others who provide personal insights and advice on the process. Not all addiction recovery counsellors is not suited to everyone struggling with an addiction disorder. People with substance use disorders are individuals & one-size solutions do not treat all situations.

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