Be it while high or in withdrawal, you literally cannot fight yourself and the need for more. For this reason recovery from a life revolving around a little substance resembling that of an everyday shopping item such as flour, is an uphill battle set for the stars.

My battle with cocaine left me in disrepute and in a position with regard to my life being at a stage that I might as well have been in a casket. Money may have not been my problem but a lifestyle worthy of a slave was sending me into a downward spiral I thought I could never get back from. The worst part of drug and alcohol addiction is that the worse it gets, structures in your life start to collapse and in turn you seek refuge by using more. The term snowball effect cannot even explain how exponentially your situation can veer out of control.

The realisation of the danger I was causing to myself and the damage I was inflicting on the loved ones in my life came when I failed to make a social dinner with family the night someone close to me passed away due to me being high.

From this moment I decided to seek help and did so at Relapse Prevention.

The facility offered me a to help me stabilize my life and regain control of my choices and rationality.

Any advice I can give to a suffering addict is to commit to your rehabilitation like a commitment you have never made in your life before.

Perseverance is key and it will be worth it in the end; I guarantee it. The people at Relapse Prevention made me realise this that I owe it to myself, my family and my friends. A facility such as Relapse Prevention put you and your well-being- both present and future first.

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