Swartfontein Treatment Centre has been included in the Relapse Prevention website within the effort to locate and report all addiction recovery services that might serve the numerous requests of people trying to find treatment applicable providers.

Relapse Prevention is in no way connected with Swartfontein Treatment Centre apart from to host some simple information about this recovery service in Southern Africa. If you would like to get in contact with Swartfontein you may reach them on 013 750 9916 or visit their website here.

Relapse Prevention is a volunteer run website, powered by men and women in rehabilitation. Data added onto this form is intended for the gain for the group please always keep it factual.

Swartfontein Contact Details

South African Drug Rehabs

  • Name of Facility: Swartfontein Treatment Centre
  • Address: Farm Swartfontein,White River,Mpumalanga
  • Phone Number: 013 750 9916
  • Website: relapseprevention.co.za

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