1. Your Body Will Suffer: Drug abuse will negatively affect different parts of the body after prolonged use. The type of drug will determine which bodily functions and systems will be affected most. For example, abusing cigarettes commonly lead to cancers of the lung, throat and mouth.

2. Familial Relationships Will Suffer: Drug dependence can drastically change your personality and this can negatively affect familial relationships. Many addicts find themselves stealing valuable items from family members in order to pay for their habit. Needless to say, this can lead to many arguments and even estrangement from certain family members.

3. Your Work Life Will Suffer: Employers do not tolerate drug addiction and many companies require random drug tests to be done. If an employee fails these tests then they could lose their job and find it hard to find future employment.

4. Friendships Will Suffer: You may find yourself pushing true friends away if they try to get you to acknowledge that you have a drug problem.

5. Your Spirituality May Suffer: When you are addicted to a certain drug, everything else in your life will lose meaning and importance. The only objective becomes simply finding a fix. This means that every aspect of your life, include your spirituality, will suffer.

6. Drug Dependence Is A Vicious Cycle: Many people turn to drugs in times of struggle, in order to escape a harsh reality. They then become dependent on the drug and addiction negatively affects all aspects of their life, making their situation even worse than it was to begin with, which will then perpetuate the depression and dependence on drugs. There are many mental and emotional problems, other than depression, that are also attributed to drug addiction.

7. Your Finances Will Suffer: Many addicts eventually lose their family, friends and job which leaves them in a very bad financial situation. Sustaining a drug habit can cost a lot of money and you can run out of money fast. Many addicts often resort to illegal methods of making some money just to support their habit.

8. Negatively Affects Your Education: Many drug addicts fall victim to the habit when they are quite young. Learning and getting an education is practically impossible when you are addicted to something. Dropping out, skipping class and failing are quite common. This would then negatively impact the rest of your life.