The trap is 90% psychological and 10% situational.

You know you shouldn’t be smoking and you know it’s bad for you but something tips you over the edge and you justify “just one” to yourself and you are back hooked!

After a few beers / coffee / food / wine / sex / jogging / work it’s just great to have a smoke, isn’t it?

No, it’s never “just one”. you have to know that from the outset. Just one is where nicotine works it’s way back into your blood stream.

Your brain is reminded again about a substance that you cant control.

One turns into two and two to four and so on.


This is nothing more than the trap.

You cannot control nicotine. This is the reason so many strong willed people never manage to stop smoking until the day it finally kills them.

Once you have gotten past the initial withdraw pangs know that there will be a trap in every place you ever go.

There will always be an excuse to have just one, but just one is the killer that leads back to a lifelong addiction.

So once you stop smoking always remember the trap.

The trap is “just one”.