The ADHD Kid:

If you not keeping him entertained, then he’s bouncing off the walls. He is the perfectly combined juxtaposition of uptight and loose. He can party for hours and if he’s not partying, he’s still dancing, whether or not the music is playing. He uses pot to get himself to the same level as the rest of humanity.

The Stoner Chick:

She is the ultimate image- pretty, creative, she likes good music and the list goes on. She understands the importance of reputation and always has a joint in hand to keep up with her idea of ‘cool’. Pot is central to her social world, and she’s got all the smoking paraphernalia/accessories to go with it.pot smokers

The Artist:

These smokers need to smoke in order to create their next masterpiece. They hang around bars and the kind of nightlife where intellectual conversation fills the air. They sit all day and stare at their paints until the next joint rolls around and they can get to work.

The Patient:

These are the kind of people who are advocates of marijuana. They believe in all the healing properties of the drug and light up when they feel the slightest ache or pain.

The Outdoorsman:

This is the kind of person who loves being outside, they enjoy any outdoors activity, especially if it goes well with a joint. They are either always outside, or escape after work every weekend to a mountain somewhere. Their lifestyle sits well with daily smoking and their never seems to be a need to stop.

The Creepy Old Hippie:

He’s simply been smoking since the 60’s and he’s never going to stop.

The Retiree:

This person used to smoke but when work started, the smoking stopped. Now that they are retired, the bong has been unpacked and they are scanning the interweb for marijuana dealers that are close to their retirement home.

The Moocher:

This is your classic pot parasite. If they are at you and you have pot, consider it smoked.

The True Stoner:

  • Morning: smoke
  • Mid-morning: smoke
  • Lunch: smoke
  • Afternoon: smoke
  • Evening: smoke
  • Before bed: smoke

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