Many studies and research projects have been undertaken over the years to pinpoint the exact cause of drug abuse or related problems.

Up until today, no one has produced conclusive evidence that would highlight the cause of drug addiction or other related substance abuse.

However, theories are never lacking and many professionals have come up with what they think might be the cause of drug addiction etc.

The most popular theory is that drug addicts are born that way.  They are simply more inclined to abuse drugs or alcohol because of a genetic predisposition.

Basically what this theory tries to prove is that if a drug abuser has kids, they are more than likely to abuse drugs as well.

Not everyone buys into this theory and it also has not been proven as fact.

Another theory making the rounds is that people who suffer from a bio-chemical imbalance in their nervous system is more likely to abuse substances.  Many people and medical professionals believe this theory but it also has not been proven in any way.

A lesser popular theory is that drug abusers suffer from mental illness. However many people who start abusing drugs are perfectly normal and some are quite smart too.  Even brilliant.  So that doesn’t do much to strengthen such a theory.

Many professional experts believe addiction to be a disease that can be overcome with medical intervention.

There is now a new explanation coming out of the woodwork.  Dr Baer is a medical professional who works closely with addicts and he has come up with a theory that seems to make more sense than all the above-mentioned do.

Dr Baer has conducted many interviews with addicts and has come to the conclusion that drug addiction is not a disease or illness, but a reaction or response to pain suffered by the abuser.  He explains that many people suffer a lack of basic happiness and emotional wellbeing.  He also says that since love is a basic human need, when people feel a lack of it, they could turn to drugs and alcohol to give them that feeling of happiness and love they so desire but cannot obtain the normal way.

There are many things that can be ascribed to the cause of drug addiction, not least in South Africa. There are many causes, including domestic issues like overcrowding in the home, abusive parents other reasons.

It can also be because of economic factors, like poverty and unemployment.

These are all the stark realities in South Africa that needs to be faced and dealt with if drug addiction is to be overcome in the poorest of communities in and around South Africa.

There is another theory doing the rounds which suggests that people become addicted to drugs because of some type of bio-chemical imbalance in their nervous systems. This would serve to make them more likely to abuse drugs and other substances. While there are many medical professionals and other addiction specialists who buy into this theory, it hasn’t been much proven in this way.

One of the most popular of all theories surrounding this hypothesis is that drug addicts are basically born this way, with a predisposition to drug abuse. These people are just more inclined to abuse drugs or alcohol later in life thanks to their genetic predisposition. This is to say that if a drug abuser is to have children, then those kids will be more prone to abusing drugs in future too. However, there are many who don’t buy this theory.

A somewhat less popular theory is that drug addicts have a mental disease. Yet there are so many people who start abusing drugs at live quite normal lives, and who are rather smart. Even brilliant people at times suffer from addiction, so there isn’t much credence to pose to that hypothesis.

The point is that anyone who opens the door to addiction is vulnerable to substance abuse. It is best to steer clear of drugs completely. If you or a loved one suffers from drug related problems or from addiction to harmful substances, you will need to seek the help of professionals immediately. They will be able to help you to take back control of your life and to kick your bad habits.