Drugs have a new face, one that is discreet and more goes undetected and under diagnosed. We not talking heroine, crack cocaine or hashish, we are talking to prescription drugs and medicines. Studies show that prescription medicines and prescription drugs such as valium, tranquilizers, pain medication and some sleeping tablets contain some of the ingredients are found in hard core drugs, but only in small amounts. Over time people who take these prescription medicines may develop a heavy dependence on these drugs and also a tolerance meaning that they have take even more to induce their initial euphoric state.

Many people don’t want to believe it, but this too is highly addictive if not more addictive than the normal street drugs. It is a new era of drug addiction, one that has almost become acceptable and tolerated by society. People see nothing wrong when a child who is rebellious and a bit naughty at school takes anti-depressants in the name of ‘depression’. Most people take energy supplements for work and to have endurance, and when they start experiencing withdrawal symptoms they think nothing of it so they just take more and more. It was first exposed by an American Medical journalist that 1 in 5 working people were addicted to and abusing prescription medicine, then the whole world took a look at themselves and the problem became evident globally.

People would rather blame and criticize Michael Jackson’s doctor but they hide away from the fact that he had a huge problem with prescription drugs and died as a result of an overdose. The public was shocked when they found out that what the hip hop giant Lil-Wayne was referring to as ‘magic Juice’ was in fact cough mixture. He reported that he has been drinking about six glasses of the stuff a day for many years and he is perfectly fine and that it helps him produce his hit records.

Reasons why addiction to prescription medicine is growing
• There is still a veil of mystery when it comes to the subject of prescription drugs.
• It is easily accessible at chemists, hospitals, doctors through medical aids.
• It can be hidden, since there are no drug dealers and no middle men.
• It does not carry the stigma that is attached to other drugs and drug users.

Thanks to Houghton House for the advice.