Whatever substance you may be using whether narcotics, prescription drugs or hard core drugs, there is always a reason to quit. For every one pill you pop, needle you shoot up or joint you smoke there are ten reasons to quit. There is so much to live for. When a person is into drugs, they become lost. Their whole world becomes marred and fixed on their next hit. When you are high you are not entirely yourself. Drug addiction take away your personality, energy, character and your life.

Spending time in a ‘zone’ can be fun but it eventually wears you out both physically and emotionally. Here is the irony about drugs:

• In the beginning they give you bouts of energy and the end they drain you of all the energy you have.
• In the beginning they make you bubbly and charismatic, you almost become the ‘life of the party when you are high’ but then eventually you are sullen and people don’t invite you to parties lest you cause a scene.
• They can give you stamina and drive and many people say they have a high libido but in the end the same drug use becomes the reason for many sexual dysfunctions and impotence in men.
• In the beginning you may find an increase in awareness and a heightened sense of the world but later that turns into harsh paranoia and hallucinating.
• At first they alleviate stress and tension but in the end they become the cause of that stress and anxiety.

The reasons for starting drugs may seem valid but this is an illusion. Most addicts today recall that they had good intentions the first day they started and never in a million years did they anticipate that they would one day be hooked. The question to ask yourself in this is: Is it worth it? Is it worth your life? The motivation may be just that, are you prepared to serve a life sentence just for a shot or a joint? You decide.