In Joburg, there are many treatment centres that deal specifically with addiction to drugs and alcohol and of these, there are many that focus not just on the addiction, but on the holistic needs of the individual. This means that rather than just treating the addiction at its face value, these centres are able to treat the deterioration of the human body, mind and spirit and instill in people a new sense of hope, and the chance to become responsible for their own health.

Joburg is not just home to many addiction treatment centres. It is also a city that is literally packed with outpatient facilities where people can go regularly, either every day or a few times a week in order to deal with addiction on a smaller scale. They will help those who are struggling become reintegrated into society and deal with their addictions and their lives, without having to resort to drugs.

Some rehab centres have residential facilities for their patients to ensure that they have a space in which to isolate themselves from society until such time as they feel recovered and healthy enough to go back. These centres provide some of the best facilities worldwide, with gyms, yoga centres and even stables in some cases. They also have a chef on hand to provide nourishment to the body, drug counselors who assist with therapy on a regular basis and trained medical professionals who ensure that those going through detox and through the healing process can do so safely and with minimal pain.

Every rehab facility is not necessarily the same as the others and for those who have had the misfortune to be in and out of rehab a few times, it quickly becomes obvious that every rehab centre practices different forms of healing and therapy than the others.

It is difficult to check yourself into rehab but when you are trying to heal, it will serve your purposes to check out a facility before checking in, and in Joburg, there are enough of these that you can start making better choices about your own healing.