It is frequently very hard on the loved ones and family of a drug addict. It is clear to them that their loved one needs help, but many times the person is unable to see this. A lot of addicts go to their death because of this. We will try to offer the family as much help and information as possible with regards to addiction therapy and the intervention process.

There are many times that a person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol will know that they are unable to break free from the cycle of abuse, but they will be unwilling to accept that. However, they will need to hit rock bottom on their own, first, before they will be willing to fully accept the fact that they have problems. A good example of this can be when the person is arrested, or loses their job, or is kicked out of the house, among many other types of scenarios.

Rock bottom differs from person to person, for some, their rock bottom may be living on the streets while for others, their rock bottom could be losing their family. It is all relative and can never be judged. Once a person is able to open their eyes to where they are in their lives, they will soon be ready to ask for help and accept help.

At this point, they will be willing to discuss their addictions with their loved ones and consider a registered rehab centre and what they are willing to do for addiction therapy. However, if this opportunity isn’t quickly seized then the overwhelming drug urges will force the individual back into their drug abusing ways.

You can help your loved one who is struggling with drug addiction by just being there for them, not judging them and being ready when they are ready to seek addiction therapy. Often times families arrange interventions where they will attempt to convince the loved one to seek addiction therapy. While this has certainly been known to work in the past, you have to realise that it needs to be a decision from the person to seek help. There are many rehab centres that will help you and your loved ones take back control of your life.

As anyone who has ever had to deal with an addiction, or loves someone who struggles with addiction knows, addiction recovery is not an easy road to walk. The truth is that it is never easy and you will need all the help, love and support you can get to get through it and start your life of sobriety.

At our rehab centres, we work with our clients to offer them a realistic and helpful addiction therapy process that will help them to start their journey to sobriety. We realise it is not an easy road and that no one can do it on their own. It is for this and other reasons that we encourage the family, friends and loved ones of our patients to take an active role in the addiction therapy of their loved ones.

We work hard to provide our clients with the care they need to make a successful go at leading a sober life. Many people fall off the wagon because they were unprepared for the many challenges that would face them in their daily lives after leaving a rehab centre. In response to this, we teach our patients the necessary coping mechanisms and skills that are required to take these challenges head-on and to make a successful go at leading a sober life.

No one said it would be easy, and there is no destination in addiction therapy, only the journey. You will never be able to say that you arrived – it will be a daily and lifelong struggle to deal with and beat your addiction. You need to wake up every morning and consciously decide that you will not use the substance that you are addicted to. This is the way you will be able to carry on with your sobriety. There will be many challenges and pitfalls along the way, but we are there to teach you how to handle and beat these challenges.

All of our staff has been trained to offer addiction therapy and to help our clients to lead the lives that they long for. No one person is the same and we don’t adhere to the notion that you can offer a one size fits all solution to addiction. We work with you to offer you a holistic approach to your addiction therapy in the interest of finally helping you achieve a life of sobriety.

Some may call certain hardships in life “speed bumps” but my addiction is what one would call a road closure.

If anybody had to know exactly what it feels like to go through an addiction before taking their first hit I could guarantee everybody would attempt anything possible to avoid it. Overcoming my addiction was a process, unfortunately, I could not face just on my own and all I can be is thankful for the assistance I received.

In the years of my youth, I was always known as the daring type and not afraid to attempt anything. This almost reckless attitude is what led me down a road that put a hold on my life for a period I will never get back. My addiction to a hard narcotic known as crack all started literally with one hit which unravelled before I knew it into a full-blown urge and craving fuelled by a withdrawal that I simply could not control. In my darkest hour, undoubtedly of my life, concerns of my loved ones reached a level that caused them to take drastic measures in my life without my consent- for this I thank them every day.

I was submitted to Relapse Prevention rehabilitation facility where I received the utmost professional care all in my best interest to rebuild a completely new path soon to be known as my life started over. The programs I was enrolled in and the treatments were all conducted in the manner of professionalism in a constant atmosphere of experience. It really is one of those rare situations where you deal with people who know exactly what they are doing and this place of sanction is who I have to thank for being clean and taking a stance against substance abuse and addiction.

In a summary of personal advice, facilities like our rehab and others are not overrated; if you want to kick addiction give your commitment towards something I guarantee by the end of it, you will never regret.

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