If you are on this page, you need advice, either for someone you know and love who is addicted or for yourself.

Many people don’t know they are addicted until it’s too late. It is not often that the person who is addicted realises that they are involving everyone around them in their addiction too, or even that they are addicted in the first place. Feel free to download the Relapse Prevention free ebook on overcoming any addiction.

Addiction happens slowly and there are many factors to blame.

Often society speaks about addiction as if the people are objects, not real human beings with a problem they can’t deal with themselves.

Often this problem was caused by personal issues that differ from person to person.  However, it can be said that drugs often give the user the feeling of power over a situation. Society often isolates those struggling with addiction by stigmatising them. Further harm may be caused by cliché’s and misinformation.  It is important to realise that each person is different and no single method will work for everyone.

That is why it is important that professional addiction advice is sought.

Each person has a different reason for letting a substance get the better of them and a professional can help discover those personal reasons. Addiction is not a rational process, no one decides to get addicted, which is why addiction cannot be fought alone.

This is when the most support is needed.

You may not even know there’s a problem. Don’t wait until you feel out of control or wait to push away those closest to you to seek advice for your addiction but also know that if you want to change it’s never too late.

The most important thing is wanting to change.

Force never works. If you are close to an addict, be their support. Help them overcome the problems that lead them to the addiction. Ask questions and listen. Nobody likes to feel judged or misunderstood. If you feel you have a problem, ask for help for your addiction. The people who are equipped to help you can’t do their job if they are not aware of your problem.

Also understand that addiction is a long road and it may take many tries and relapses to overcome addiction for good.

Reach out and get started. To borrow a 12 step mantra. Nobody says it will be easy, but they do say it will be worth it.