Many people have a very inaccurate view of alcohol rehab centres because many movies and television series show rehab centres as dreary and miserable places. The truth is that many alcohol rehab centres are really quite pleasant and luxurious. Patients can enjoy very comfortable accommodation and relaxing surrounds while enjoying the facilities on offer. Some common facilities would include pools, indoor gyms and spa baths.

Hollywood generally shows the people in rehab centres in pain, sweating and all-round miserable. In reality, though, all guests are treated by a team of professionals with their wellbeing at heart. This team is made up of therapists, medical doctors, counsellors and nurses. They make sure that the patient is safe and as comfortable as possible during the detoxification process. Withdrawal symptoms are managed and treated as they occur.

There are numerous different alcohol rehab centres that have a highly trained staff compliment that cares about the wellbeing of every patient that stays with them. This is the mark of an effective and reputable rehabilitation program.

Top rehab centres know that every person is different and needs to be treated differently.

There is no ‘cut and paste’ addiction treatment Programme that can be dished out to every patient. Every patient is unique and needs to be treated with a unique alcohol addiction treatment program. Smaller centres are very popular because staff members are able to devote a lot of attention to each patient and get to know them well.

An alcohol rehab centre is a sanctuary where you have space and the facilities needed to heal and regain control of your life. There is no finger pointing or shaming when you book into a rehabilitation centre. All patients are treated with respect.

Choosing to stay at an alcohol rehab centre while you struggle with your addiction is one of the bravest decisions any addict can make. They stand the best possible chance of successfully getting onto the road to recovery and being a happy well-adjusted member of society.

Alcohol rehab is about the healing process, it is not about punishment and pain. It is about finding hope and personal recovery.