Also known as Primary Care, Residential Treatment, Detox or Inpatient Treatment

In-patient alcohol and drugs detox centres need for you to stay in the centres for a specific time period (usually a 30 day detox). While you are at the clinic, you get treatment every single day. Most will also go to the AA or NA step groups and start working on the 12 step process towards gaining and maintaining abstinence, this work is designed to assist you to release yourself from your substance dependency.

Primary care centres provides you with the chance to live with individuals that are also affected by alcohol and drug dependency whilst getting the assistance you require to conquer your own dependency issues.

A few clinics are “lock down” clinics, which means that patients have to remain at the facility for the whole duration and can’t have any guests.

However some facilities permit you to leave and return whenever you like. In-patient alcohol and drugs detox facilities furthermore differ with regards to the length of time the course takes. A few clinics are as little as 1 month , whilst some facilities may last as long as a year.

Primary care alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres provide treatment care to the person round the clock in a 24h facility. All centres should include group and individual guidance, behaviour therapies, relapse prevention and strategic lectures aimed at dealing with cravings and ongoing sobriety.

Private residential facilities in South Africa come in a variety of formats, some are dedicated religious programmes while others focus on 12 step principles of recovery. Exclusive residential rehabs most often have resident psychiatrists / psychologists and medical doctors capable of “medicated detox” and dealing with the trauma issues related to addiction and follow adapted variants of the 12 step principles.

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