Addiction is a disease that carries no cost and it is no secret that good quality treatment can be very expensive.

The impact that substance abuse and addiction has on society is far reaching and is extremely damaging.

Did you know that by avoiding the prospect getting help at a rehabilitation centre and allowing an addiction to continue will actually cost you more than treatment in the long run?
In this article, we’ll explain to you why avoiding addiction treatment is costlier than rehabilitation.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it was found drug abuse treatment that worked in the criminal justice system helped reduce crime and the spreading of diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

It was discovered that every US dollar spent on addiction treatment created a drop in crime of between $4 & $7. (

Sujaya Parthasarathy, a scientific expert from the non-profit healthcare organisation Kaiser Permanente in California and a research team ran a study for almost a decade to determine whether sending a person into addiction treatment would be cheaper than avoiding it.

The team split their patients into two categories: the continuing care model (staying in a rehab clinic) and the typical treat and release approach (no stay in a rehab centre, just regular medical visits to doctors etc.).

The continuing care model focused on 3 activities that most patients in treatment would most likely do, namely: visit a doctor regularly, go into addiction treatment and to attend sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist when required.

In comparison to the treat and release approach, it was found that continuous care helped save $73 monthly, due to fewer visitations to a hospital or medical centre.
This study proves effectively that good quality addiction treatment in a rehabilitation centre is actually far more cost effective than avoiding treatment.

Allowing a loved one’s addiction to continue because of financial reasons can also include other burdens, for example, drugs are not cheap, and the individual will do anything to get the narcotic substance.

These are just some of the symptoms of drug addiction that will be experienced if it is not taken care of properly.

Looking at things in a different perspective, is money really more important than the health and well-being of someone you love?

The addiction might have caused bad damage to the family and might have broken the trust of their loved ones, but while they are addicted and under the influence of a narcotic substance, they are helpless and unable to make rational decisions.

If you have a loved one who abuses or is addicted to drugs, we urge you to make the right decision and help them get into a good quality rehabilitation centre.

For more information on how to find them, call us now and our qualified addictions counsellor will gladly assist in finding a rehab suited to your needs.

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