While some people are lucky enough to only need the services of a rehab centre once in their lives, there are others who will find that they need to go to rehab more than once.

Is this because the drug rehab centres are at fault, or is there something wrong with those individuals?

Actually, the answer is that neither of these are true as addiction recovery is not black and white and each individual situation is unique to that individual. When it comes to addiction rehabilitation, there may be many factors in play some individuals who fall off the wagon and need to enter rehab more than once, while others don’t even need to complete the full cycle of inpatient treatment before they are in effect ready to be discharged.

A rehab centre should only be seen as an effective tool for a person to break their addiction and start their journey into sobriety.

Thereafter individuals are drawn back into their day to day lives where the real fight to beat their addiction begins and so does the journey of recovery. Rehab centres enable people to gain a bit of breathing room to start making clear and sober decisions about their lives.

While the offer this temporary shelter from the issue they cannot confront the real issues that exist outside of the center in each person’s daily life. Many addicts successfully break the addiction and yet return to toxic environments and do find themselves in a situation that have worsened making the escapist reaction to relapse back to their former vices an easy option.

A rehab facility is a safe space where people can go to heal themselves when suffering the disease of addiction and since this is a disease, relapses are part of the process of healing.

When someone is suffering from cancer, they may have to go through bouts of hospitalization and chemo before they heal. They may also be lucky enough to go through the process just once and be declared cancer free.

Well addiction is a disorder of the mind that works in the same way.

It is no one’s fault if they find they cannot stick to a treatment programme. This is simply the disease fighting for control in their bodies and if they seek the services of a rehab centre, a group therapy session or even a sponsor, they will find it much easier to cope with the disease.

Addiction to drugs is a disease and though people seem to forget that, they should know that the only effective way of treating that disease is with the help of professionals in a rehab facility. By simply making the choice to go to rehab, they are in essence making the choice to treat their disease and can allow the rehab to do the job it is intended to do. They will need to participate in their own treatment too, for it to be effective.