Recovering from an addiction to drugs is not a quick fix. This is a long process that can take months and sometimes even years to complete and even then, the person in question needs to keep lifelong hold on their need to use drugs. This is why getting treatment does not comprise one simple counselling session, or one intervention of friends and family. Treatment for drug abuse requires a continuous programme of support, care and self-help, which is exactly what we offer anyone who comes to us for drug rehab.

Most rehab centres are not able to offer the kind of support and care that addicts need under one roof. Though they may have trained counsellors and the facilities a person needs, they are not always able to cater to the special needs of an addict, such as psychiatry or psychotherapy. That is why it is of the utmost importance to choose a drug rehab center that will cater to your needs.

Drug rehab can come in different forms and of course depending on the addiction and how long one has been addicted, there are different courses for treatment.

Drug-RehabFor the first few weeks of drug rehab, known as the 28 day period, there is a lot that a person needs to do to teach them that life without the drugs they crave is possible. This includes helping them break the mind-set of addiction and find new and safe pastimes to take their minds off drugs. Essentially, it teaches them to be contributing members of society.

In an extended period of care, treatment takes a new approach. Because addicts at this stage have already been through the process of beating their addiction, they now need to learn how to stay off drugs. This means reinventing certain habits and lifestyles and reworking behaviour that would otherwise have led them to taking drugs. This process is known as extended care and allows for addicts to learn how to live a life that many others already know how to do.

Once a person has mastered these two phases, the time comes for them to step-down. This final phase of their treatment is a lifelong one and requires them to seek outpatient care or to keep coming to a support group, such as Narcotics Anonymous. In essence at this stage, they have learned the tools to live a clean and better live, but need a regular reminder of why they have kicked their addiction and how to keep doing so.

This is the point where they become constructive contributing members of society and many addicts at this stage are able to help those who are just entering the 28-day period. Kicking a drug habit is no easy task and whether you are young or old, male or female, from a richer or poorer economic background, anyone can become addicted. Conversely, this also means that anyone can beat addiction.

Drug rehab works and has worked for others, and it can work for you or your loved one!