For a long time there has been a huge conspiracy plaguing the world, this conspiracy states that there are harmful substances in our drinking water. Most people believe this to be untrue because our water is treated with water treatment technology and only then sent to our taps or bottles of water. Especially people living in first world countries, they expect their water to be pure and clean.

The hard truth is that our water is being contaminated.

The problem is that the molecules of certain harmful substances are too small to be filtered out of our drinking water. The types of drugs that are found in our drinking water that includes traces of illicitprescription medications, antibiotics, birth control medication, anti-depressants, animal and agricultural chemical treatments, which are never intended for general human consumption nor could be considered as “natural” components to healthy drinking water.

These chemicals are definitely dangerous, our bodies are not used to having to process these chemicals, all the time and when our bodies start to fight these foreign chemicals, on an ongoing basis, our body starts to do unnecessary things.

To contextualise this, one can think of plaque a foreign substance on our teeth that slowly releases poison, in order to combat this our body makes the bone move down so as not to be affected by the poison.

Although this saves the bone, it damages the gums. These chemicals in our bodies, such as antibiotics, cause our hormones to be unstable over a long period of time, which leads to disease as germs infiltrate our systems and are not combated correctly.

The only way to ensure our water is not polluted by drugs is to install a multi-stage carbon filtrations system, however this would cost money and because so many people are unaware of this problem, it will most likely never be confronted or resolved.

How important is drinking decontaminated water to detox and recovery

Recovery Direct In Cape Town believes very important and has taken this to the next level by ensuring that all the water supplied to the centre comes from a natural spring on the property. The water is taken through a number of state of the art carbon filtration systems before it even reaches the taps of the centre.

Vaughan Pankhurst (Clinical Director) says that “Patients are paying for a premium detox centre and thus that must include every aspect of detoxification including quality of their water.”

“Our mandate at Recovery Direct is too ensure a safe, progressive and professional environment where patients have the best opportunity to heal and move forward, which is why we go to such lengths to provide tasty balanced healthy meals, clean drinking and bathing and shower water and ultimately the best in class psychotherapeutic treatment to build patients that are knowledgeable and resilient when they leave our centre.”

There is a natural spring on the property in Constantia which ensures that the property is well supplied with clean water even in the face of Cape Towns water crisis. While the spring provides drinkable water (actually bottled and sold exclusively to Rovos Rail Exclusive Rail Travel Company). The filtration systems are in place as a further precaution that patients receive the absolute cleanest water in South Africa.